White Castle Shopping Presents: Chicken Rings

Merkley + Partners, Summer 2018

GCDs: Eddie Van Bloem and Saks Afridi  |  CW: Michael Williams

It's the summer of rings and you won't believe this amazing deal. The phones are lighting up so get them while you can!  

WCS Social Campaign

We created  a flighted social campaign. But then we said, fuck it we'll do it live and created a 42 min White Castle Shopping Event on Facebook Live! 

White Castle's Chicken Rings Double as Must-Have Accessories in Improv Stunt

In the world of improvised content, there are some gold standards. Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon come to mind, yet their schticks for the Rose Parade and Royal Wedding weren't necessarily brand-focused. Attempting to create live improv for a brand is an entirely different proposition.

White Castle hawks Chicken Rings in QVC-style Facebook Live event

Editor's Pick To promote its latest finger food offering, Chicken Rings, slider joint White Castle staged an impressively authentic home shopping event on Facebook Live. Hosts Heather and Janelle--great improv actors, apparently--riffed for more than 40 minutes about the glories of a breaded circles of white meat chicken and four accompanying dipping sauces.

Custom Gifts

After the big event, we sent super fans some free, artisan made, completely inedible gifts.